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The Journey to Paradise

The journey to paradise
is the flight to freedom
freedom from lack
it is the recognition of the full bounty of God's gifts
the miracle of set and safe rhythms
the glory of daylight
the sight of the heavenly stars
the sound of the wind
the space of the blue sky

It is the kindling of that inner light
by whatever means is the gateway for each individual
the eternal flame within that is and will always
only be sparked by the radiance of unconditional love
for giving of the richness of your own fountain
to mingle into the ocean of consciousness
where wave upon wave is supported
by the ever-rising upward force of love
that spills onto a pristine white beach
where only the footsteps of God are printed in the sand

The journey to paradise
is the fullness of having
of being in the right place at the right time
through the eyes with which you see
creating visions that build castles in the air
only to rise like mirages in an empty desert
that materializes into an oasis of real water
glorifying the one and only Being
the breath of life and eternity

Paradise is found within the richness
of seeing with the eyes of the wizard
the magic that is within each of us
by the nature of the Creator
omnipotent, omniscient, all pervasive

The journey to paradise is
a neverending dance in the light of God's hand