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Six steps to Spirit

Sibis Mouton

Nature is our muse, perennial poet in praize
God's love and artistic hand to view
The beauty of Creation speaks to us in many ways
its colour and its shape
its magic and mysterious growth
in trees we feel the strength
in space we find our truth

Music is our fountain gate
the inner Divine Essence will never wait
but cascade forth in heavenly angel chorus
the notes to take flight and harness our soul to the moon
fly and free dancing in the light

In silence we nourish the tranquil soul
its journey on earth to feed
to hatch and heed
the linings of its inner core
hear it rests and sighs
silence silence silence

In discipline we learn the Order of God
to substance we are led
manifesting our own little creations
to enrich this world
to reap the results of our input
its wider influence on all of humankind

In understanding and compassion
we learn to open our hearts
to feed the flame of life
exchanging love
to sow the seeds for a richer harvest
of peace and harmony

In courage to conquer
we discover the hero in ourselves
with brave hearts
and purpose we move forward
ever climbing higher and revealing new vistas
never to bend, never to yield
but steadfast as pilgrims
we chisel and strive

Our Divine Lights within to shine
May all of this be yours and mine

"Six Steps to Spirit". Published in the SUFI Newsletter, Number 109, November 2003