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Kinesiology is the application of pressure to a muscle to test its strength or weakness i.e. muscle response testing. Muscle response testing accesses your personal computer, or subconscious memories, and then signals a message from your brain to the testing muscle.

Dr John Diamond in the late 1970's created a new specialty using muscle testing called Behavioural Kinesiology. He found that indicator muscles would either strengthen or weaken in the presence of both emotional and intellectual stimuli, as well as physical stimuli.

Looking at a smiling, happy face produces a strong muscle response while looking at a frowning face creates a weaker muscle response in the indicator muscle. Thinking about a past pleasant memory or positive emotional experience strengthens indicator muscle responsiveness. Recalling unhappy experiences causes indicator muscles to test weaker.

All our psychological and spiritual wounds that we encounter in our lives are stored in our body and it can create energy blocks to the natural flow of our energy. The body stores the memory of these past traumas. This creates problems in our lives by causing us to react to people, events, and circumstances that trigger those deeply buried memories. The result is a diminished quality of life due to negative feelings, unhealthy patterns of behaviour, and even physical problems. By clearing your energy blocks, you discover who you are at a core or soul level. This transforms your life in many empowering ways. When forgiveness takes place at a cellular level your capacity for love, joy and prosperity is unleashed. Participants report increased self-actualization, freedom from conflict, better health, peace of mind and clarity of purpose.


Dr Mouton does either a nutritional analysis (+- 1.5 hours) of a full integration session (+- 3.5 hours). Contact her at +27 74 7613906 for a session. Your analysis will be based on trigger points in your body and your muscle response to these indicates whether you have a shortage of a vitamin, stress on a particular organ and why. Often allergies or bad health have underlying emotional causes and the analysis will give you the answer to this. The full integration session can clear negative cellular memories, determine mistaken self beliefs, test the energy around the 7 chakras and then clear the underlying emotional issues to give people's lives new meaning and purpose.