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Dharma talk on LOVE at Lower Hamlet Village, Plumvillage (, Loubes-Bernac on 16 May 2004 by venerable Zen master and Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn, author of 35 books and Nobel Peace prize nominee in 1967 - delivered in French:

These are current articles and poetry I have written:


  1. An extraordinary journey - winning the 20th Nice International Ironman Triathlon with the help of the Spiritual Realm
  2. Swimming with the dolphins - transformation lessons from an unforgettable trip
  3. The Inner Journey - can you run with the bulls?
  4. Flight for Freedom - a prayer
  5. Six steps to Spirit - a poem
  6. The Heart of the Matter - or is it a Matter of Heart?
  7. The Journey to Paradise - a poem
  8. Step into your power - Part 1
  9. Step into your power - Part 2
  10. Step into your power - Part 3
  11. On visiting Plumvillage, Zen Buddhist Retreat in Bordeaux - A new realization of the extent of love
  12. Fire walking with positive thought patterns
  13. The Lost Art of Prayer
  14. Raising Conciousness by searching for beauty
  15. Finishing the Ironman Triathlon - an adventure in consciousness
  16. Gamestalking in the Okavango Delta - living the moment at its best
  17. Salvation versus Enlightenment - a humble opinion
  18. Fear - the other side of the thorn
  19. Island Fever
  20. Myths and Mystics - in search of a little madness
  21. The Masai Mara Migration Beyond the bush and the paradox of Zen
  22. IL PALIO - a tale about horses, heroes and unicorns.
  23. This and that but mostly about synchronicity and the miracle of life
  25. In Pursuit of the Present moment
  26. Chi Kung: A Way to Energise Us
  27. Taming the Mind: Fact or Fiction
  28. A Mirror for the Soul
  29. Breathing in Botswana - Letting Go
  30. Baboons, Babies and the Love of Elephants
  31. On Meerkats and Reality - Much to Muse about
  32. In Tune
  33. Tough and Resilient: The Way of the Warrior
  34. Die Gorillas in Rwanda en Vulkaan Nyiragongo in die Kongo
  35. A Healer for Our Times: Patrick San Francesco