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A Healer for Our Times: Patrick San Francesco

Dr Sibis Mouton

I always wondered what a man who channels divine energy would look like. In August 2014, I was privileged to attend a talk by such a healer: Patrick San Francesco of Goa, India. I also attended his workshop on healing the next day in Cape Town.

Patrick was down-to-earth, funny and totally natural. He is tall and thin and speaks English very well, with a faint Indian accent. I heard from his attendants that he does not eat much—apparently, only once a week. He reportedly also sleeps just one hour each night. I guess the divine energy that he channels sustains him adequately.

For Patrick, it is imperative that we celebrate the wonder of life. He is of the opinion that when we interact socially with others, our happiness should overwhelm them.

When he was just about three years old, Patrick realized that if his dear mother fed him every day, how much more loving would be our Divine Mother/Father! During his talk, he told us that when he was seventeen a friend played a prank on him, stretching some fishing line across the top of a staircase to trip him up. Sure enough, Patrick fell down the stairs and damaged his neck. The family’s doctor told his parents that their now-bedridden son would be a quadriplegic for the rest of his life. Patrick, already a healer since the age of four, told the physician very confidently that he would stand up in three days—and he did!

I didn’t know what to expect from Patrick’s colour healing workshop that weekend. It was frankly a bit way out for this scientist, but I trusted that he knew what he was doing when he instructed us to visualise certain colours in meditation. He also encouraged us to build a protective egg around ourselves. One of the participants reported that after the previous evening’s healing session, she had been able to move a frozen shoulder and arm for the first time in months!

According to Patrick, he sees 1,200 patients a day! One of them, an American patient, once offered a large donation to the charity for solving his problem. Every day, this man had suffered mysterious and debilitating pain in his right leg. No other doctor or healer had been able to come up with a diagnosis. Patrick asked him just two questions:”Did you change your job lately?” and “Do you drive to work now?” The man answered both in the affirmative. Then Patrick gave him the solution: if he removed his wallet from his back pocket while driving to work, his pain would stop. The bulky wallet had been cutting off the blood supply to his sciatic nerve, causing the pain in his leg.

A story of Patrick’s that I particularly enjoyed recounts an incident from his eighteenth year, when his parents bought him an air ticket from Mumbai to London so he could pursue his studies there. Partying with friends, he missed his flight. He went to his aunt in Mumbai and asked her to phone his parents; but then he saw his aunt frozen in shock at the window. Following her gaze, he saw the plane he had been booked on going up in flames! In conclusion, Patrick’s message to us was that all is always good. We should trust the unfolding of our life.

I felt a bit embarrassed to trouble him with my right knee problem. I had developed a cyst in this knee at the age of twenty-four from too much running. A surgeon removed the cyst, but unfortunately had to remove some cartilage along with it; so in 2009, at age fifty-four, I was told by the sport physicians at the Sport Science Institute that I should not run any more. There was too little cartilage left in my right knee. This was a severe blow, since running is my favourite form of exercise. I had been running since the age of six, when my Dad and I would run on the beach in Hartenbos.

Over the course of the workshop I finally plucked up enough courage to approach Patrick with my knee problem. He was very sympathetic. “Can I have a look?” he asked. He scanned my knee with his right hand, then did some healing procedure using colours. I now know that he probably would have used sunrise orange to energise and strengthen, combined with canary yellow to build, bind and bond. He may have finished up with electric violet, which he told us is an “all-purpose colour” with protective properties.

After this healing encounter, my knee felt warm for about an hour. Patrick told me it was fine now; I could race again! The next day my back was a little sore, as if my body was adjusting itself to the healing. A week later, I participated in an eight-kilometre trail race near Stellenbosch. It was pure bliss—and my knee remained pain-free afterwards!

I have since run two more time trials and raced ten kilometres at the famous Foot of Africa race in Bredasdorp, without any problems. It seems that this man’s channelling of divine energy has healed my dodgy knee! What I find really surprising are the reactions of various of my friends. Most of them do not want to admit that a miracle healed my knee.

I can only conclude from all this that our universe possesses an unfathomable mystery, and that we should delight in it. Yet it is very hard for us ego-driven humans to say: “Thy will, not mine”. I call to mind the writings of the late Dr David Hawkins, who—like Patrick San Francesco— urges us to surrender to the will of the Divine.

The Venerable Robina Courtin, a Buddhist nun, visited South Africa a few months after Patrick’s healing workshop. In a talk called “Being Your Own Therapist”, she pointed out that when all goes well, we seldom question anything. It is when things do not go our way that we object, and search for answers. Instead, Ven. Robina suggested, we could accept the “good” and the “bad” as the unfolding of life and embrace everything we encounter on our life path with equanimity. This teaching seems to me very much akin to Patrick’s approach: when we let go and align ourselves to the divine will, we suffer less and unravel more of the mystery of being human.

As Zen Master Lin Chi said long ago: “The miracle is not to walk on water, or air or fire. The real miracle is to walk on earth.”


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