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Dr David Hawkins

Mare and Stallion, the benefits of time spent in nature are many.

The serenity of the sea.


Dr Sibis Mouton

As a practicing kinesiologist, I am fascinated by the work of psychiatrist and fellow kinesiologist, Dr David Hawkins. Dr Hawkins has calibrated the levels of human consciousness by using a logarithmic scale which goes from 0 – 1000. He conducted a 20 year research program in which he tested the consciousness levels of thousands of humans. According to Dr Hawkins Level 200 is the level of Integrity and Courage. An individual that calibrates at 200, has enough courage to deal with change and sees life as stimulating and challenging and will therefore take risks and move forward in life. Such a human being can therefore start making a contribution to life here on earth. According to Dr Hawkins’s research (finalised in 1985) only fifteen percent of the human race calibrated over 200, with 85% therefore calibrating below this critical (level of integrity) point. Fortunately due to an increasing worldwide spiritual awareness this latter percentage has now dropped to 78%.

In this book 'Power vs Force the Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour” Dr Hawkins also describes the work done by a psychologist, with a female gorilla, Koko. He managed to teach her sign language. Koko was trustworthy, intelligent, affectionate and truthful and she calibrated at 250. So we arrive at the shocking statistic that each one of us will be safer with Koko, the gorilla, than with 78% of human beings on earth! In the recent tsunami disaster in Indonesia, Thailand and India hardly any animals were found dead. In the Yala National Park in Sri Lanka 200 people were killed but not one elephant, leopard or monkey were found dead. The Director of the park maintains that this is because animals, just like humans, have a sixth sense but, unlike many humans, are still acutely attuned to it. Humans have lost this ability to sense disaster. We are too busy running after wind and many have become slaves to the dictatorship of a materialistic society. The result is that we are slowly losing our inborn spiritual abilities because we don’t deem them important anymore. These abilities are squashed out by our busyness. It is time to return to the beauty of natural things, the simplicity of life lived in touch with the rhythms of nature.

During the tsunami catastrophe twelve tourists were riding on eight elephants in Thailand when the elephants suddenly started to trumpet and then took flight up the nearby hills, disregarding the commands of their trainer. All twelve tourists and the trainer were saved from certain death by the elephants that sensed the impending disaster. If humankind doesn’t make a concerted effort to change its collective consciousness and emphasis on the wrong desires, the outcome might be destruction and death of all that is beautiful and uplifting about our current existence.

The question is where does each of us calibrate on the consciousness scale of Dr Hawkins? Pride, Anger and Fear all calibrate below 200; the level of Love is at 500 and Peace calibrates at 600. From recent research results in quantum theory, we know we live in an interconnected holographic universe. If each human being were to improve their state of consciousness, for example, jump from Fear at the level of 100 to Courage and Integrity at 200, the whole human race would benefit from it. Since this scale is logarithmic, one person at the level of 500 will counterbalance three quarters of a million people below 200. Somebody like Mother Theresa who calibrates at 700, far above the level of peace, cancels out 70 million people below 200!

We therefore have the option to make the choice for a better and more holistic earth existence. Each one of us can change the consciousness of our human race today, each one of us can change our current reality into a newer and brighter tomorrow. We need more VRPs (Very Refreshing People) instead of more VIPs (Very Important People) in our world today. We need people who leave us richer and invigorated instead of tired and down – the latter we can call VTPs (Very Trying People). We need powerful givers instead of crafty grabbers. VRPs influence the world for the better by their positive words, thoughts and actions.

Another choice which would lead to the betterment of humankind is the choice to become genuinely mindful consumers. Researchers at Oxford (studying young prisoners) have found that adding vitamins and other vital nutrients to young people’s diets, cuts the crime rates. When these prisoners got more nutritious food, the serious offences - including violence - fell by a substantial 40%. As a result of this research and other positive results, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, is now campaigning for better and more nutritious food to the school population of California. He wants to provide fruit, vegetables and milk to the schools instead of the fast food and fizzy drinks currently available. The Slow Food Organization, founded in 1986, holds a biennial fair that is dedicated to quality food produce. The aim of Slow Food Organization is to counter the standardization of taste (fast food) and defend the right of consumers around the world to have proper nutrition, choice and information. My kinesiology learnings have made it clear that most of our packaged and fast food is detrimental to the human body. It has of little nutritious value and when testing whether the body should consume such foods, the body will test negatively (the indicator muscle will simply go weak), thus rejecting the higher refined and fast foods. The human body does need a variety of foods but these must be freshly prepared and healthy. The food must also be consumed in peaceful circumstances, not on the run or at a desk. After eating, the body must have about ten minutes to be at rest and to digest the food properly. Most of us rush off, with no regard for the strain and stress we cause the body – no wonder our general health is below par in this day and age. The smoking of tobacco also makes the body go weak. Not only will the indicator muscle test weak when lighting up a cigarette, the body will test weak when the person being tested is just looking at a picture of somebody that is smoking! Our bodies have an innate wisdom; we are just not attuned to it. Most of us have forgotten that our body should be treated as a holy temple where the spark of the Divine is present.

Being a mindful consumer also entails listening to good and beneficial music. When you play rock music to the body and test its response, the body will test weak; it rejects the beat, disharmony and loudness of this type of music. (Dr Hawkins reported on a study done on 100 cocaine addicts undergoing treatment. None of the patients who continued to listen to heavy metal rock music during treatment recovered.) By contrast the body tests positive when classical music is played to it. Good music is a channel for all of us to be in touch with our basic spirituality; inspirational music raises our consciousness and puts us in touch with the elevated spheres. Its rhythm and melodies speak to our souls and bring peace and serenity.

Another modern device that detrimentally influences our consciousness, is the watching of television. Dr Hawkins has tested subjects while they were watching a fairly typical television show. Test subjects went weak 113 times during a single episode! These weak responses show that the thymus gland is suppressed, so the immune system is compromised and does not work properly. This negative input from the TV can bring the watcher closer to eventual sickness and depression. Rather take a walk in nature than flopping down in front of the TV after work!

Connection with nature and time spend in nature is a sure antidote to modern illnesses. If we can start living with open eyes again and appreciate the beauty of the Creation around us we will change the future of humankind. By making sure that more of us have ever-increasing experiences of appreciation and joy, we will increase the well-being of humankind and influence our future positively. This message comes directly from the Hathors, an intergalactic ascended spiritual civilization (see reference below). They ask that we re–enter the appreciative state more often. This is done best by living in the moment and noticing all the marvellous wonders around us. It is a well-known fact that creative artists, such as composers, live very long and productive lives, often into their eighties and nineties because they create and surround themselves continually with beauty. This alignment with and appreciation of beauty results in longevity and vigour for a whole lifetime.

In conclusion, the most significant statistic in this experimental study done by Dr Hawkins was, that for the first time in the history of humankind, after thousands of years on earth, we, as collective humans, succeeded in calibrating above 200. In 1995 the collective consciousness of the five billion inhabitants of the earth jumped to 207. So the world wars, the search for justice and fairness, the recognition of human rights in the 20th century have led us to a higher moral and spiritual state. Let us continue on this path laid before us and keep the ball rolling. By searching for and recognizing beauty we will experience more joy; by becoming beautiful people ourselves we can assist in this new leap to higher consciousness. By seeking more peace and stillness in our daily lives we will start seeing more small and large miracles happen effortlessly and with perfect synchronicity every day. A forest is not made out of trees; it is the spaces between the trees that make up the forest. We should slow down, put more quiet sacred spaces in every day, make time to worship (our brains are wired for that), make time to meditate and pray and put emphasis on the important aspects of life, of our health and well being. Just as plants search out the light of the sun to grow fully, so we as the human race need the light of the Divine Spirit to lead our souls on the path to perfection.

Let us live with open eyes and may the beauty of nature and life exalt us. Let each one of us make a choice for peace and love, let our lives reflect a consciousness state that is good and beneficial to create a benign and beautiful future for our descendants. In the words of the Hathors: 'Live more fully, laugh more heartily, forgive more completely. You are the masters of your destiny. Be happy.”


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This article was published in the Odyssey, October/November issue 2005.