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On the stoep at Homestead Retreat during the very first workshop, April 2002.

Mini ZEST4LIFE workshop in the Seychelles, 3 September 2011

PHOTOS of the WORKSHOP and the VENUE, The Station at Sans Souci, Victoria, Mahe:

Photo 1: The Station at Sans Souci, Victoria, Mahe with Tessa, wife of Dr Ben Wulfsohn, resident homeopath.

Photo 2: Entrance of Resonate Wellness Centre.

Photo 3: Myself and clients during workshop

Photo 4: View of the Room during workshop

Photo 5: All 10 clients

Photos 6 and 7: View of Eden Island and St Anne Marine National Park from the flat at “The Station” high up on the hill above Victoria, the capital of Mahe.


Photo 8: Eating breakfast at LHIRONDELLE, Cote de Or, after morning swim.

Photo 9 & 10: Snorkelling at Coco and Felicity Island

Photo 11: The blue sea with Curieuse Island in background.

Photo 12: Having dinner at the stylish Cafe des Artes venue next to the sea

Photo 13: Waiting for the tropical down pour to stop

Photo 14: Enjoying breakfast at the Paradise Sun Hotel

Photo 15: View from the top of the Bird Reserve on Cousin Island - overlooking Cousine island (a private island own by an South African magnate)